Featuring Britney Holmes, Client Intake Coordinator

April 11, 2023

Ryan Law Firm, PLLC (“Ryan Law”) is pleased to highlight our Client Intake Coordinator, Britney Holmes. Britney is based out of the firm’s Dallas office, where the team relies on her to onboard new clients effectively and efficiently and to attend to the myriad of critical administrative details associated with

each case. Her positive attitude and can-do spirit have made her an outstanding addition to our firm.

Britney joined Ryan Law in November of 2021 and has quickly become an essential contributor to our day-to-day operations. Britney is known for her professionalism, discretion, and strong attention to detail. A master multitasker, she juggles multiple projects and shifts priorities with ease. Most of all, she enjoys interacting with her colleagues and our clients to ensure a smooth flow of information in our fast-paced environment.

Britney previously served as an operations assistant to the collections manager for three years. This background has helped prepare her to rise to the challenges of her current role.

Britney graduated from the Art Institute of Dallas with an Associate of Applied Science.

Outside of work, Britney enjoys reading and baking.