Featuring Tina Whennen, Legal Assistant 

August 23, 2023

Ryan Law Firm, PLLC (“Ryan Law”) is pleased to feature Tina Whennen, Legal Assistant. Tina works with attorney Elly Drake and her team in the firm’s Chicago office.

Tina works on various cases as a legal assistant, but one of her most rewarding areas of practice is circuit court and property tax board appeals. These cases are complex and challenging but also incredibly satisfying when the Chicago team helps clients get the best results.

Tina Whennen joined Ryan Law in 2020. No matter the type of appeal, her role as a property tax legal assistant supports attorneys and helps ensure that each case is presented in the best possible light while keeping the client informed of the progress and answering any questions they may have.

Tina is known for her ability to promptly monitor and docket all deadlines so that no filings are missed. She maintains organization throughout all steps in the appeal process for her team, which puts other team members at ease when deadlines roll around, and numerous filings are due.

To learn more about how the Chicago office can assist with your property tax needs, please get in contact with Tina by visiting our contact page or calling 872-529-5045.