Federal, state, and local governments offer tax credits and incentives to encourage economic development. The Ryan Law Credits and Incentives team helps clients achieve business objectives and drive economic growth by taking advantage of all available credits and incentives. Many businesses pay significantly more in taxes than necessary because they fail to identify and secure these credits and incentives.  Our Credits and Incentives team supports business objectives by helping client’s structure, negotiate, and secure the credits and incentives to which your business is entitled. 

Our Credits and Incentives team will help your business identify areas of tax savings available through Federal, State and Local tax credits and incentives programs.   We work with each client to fully understand their business and their future growth plans, so that we can help mitigate unnecessary taxes.  Whether your company is planning to construct a new facility, or simply expand or upgrade an existing facility, our team will help you identify, negotiate, secure, and implement any available tax credits and incentives.