Litigating Creatively: Procedural Law as a Tool for Client Service

May 23, 2023

For a civil procedure class, Ryan Law’s Jay Spring was recently asked to guest lecture at his alma mater, Southern Methodist University Dedman School of Law. He had the opportunity to speak with the students about the practical side of procedural law, using civil procedure as a tool for client service and encouraging the students to think creatively about litigation strategy.

During this talk, Jay discussed the differences between “can” and “should” practicing through the procedure, litigation strategy processes, getting to the root of the client’s needs, assessing the impact of tactics, and last but certainly not least, soft factors, namely budgets.

Jay was honored by his former Professor Colangelo’s invitation to speak and had a great time meeting and talking with the students.

We encourage our attorneys to spread their knowledge to the next generation of Texas lawyers and, hopefully, a few aspiring tax litigators—and to always lead by example.

For questions regarding speaking engagements, property tax disputes, or corporate franchise tax matters, contact Jay directly at 214-550-2219.